Do you want to know if your staff have not turned up before your client does …?

Do you want to know whether your staff have left on time or maybe have had an accident …?

Do you want to invoice your clients correctly and without effort …?

Do you want to pay your staff correctly for their time worked, without effort …?

Time Bureau have developed a web-based Time & Attendance bureau Software-as-a-Service solution specifically for cleaning companies. Having spent 30 years developing and supplying Time & Attendance solutions to large companies, we can now offer you this cutting edge technology with the added benefit of  your own dedicated  Freephone telephone number to issue to your staff, so calls made from your client’s site are FREE. No setup fee: just pay a low monthly cost for the clockings your staff make. Automatically reporting no-shows and/or not-left straight to your inbox, with exports for payroll and client billing. A range of reports to get the information you need, just when you need it. As a special offer, we are offering a 14-day FREE trial so you can see exactly how it will benefit you. Call us today and start saving money and time!

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Telephone Clocking for Cleaners