Time & attendance for offices

  Our clients typically  save £400+ per employee each and ever year!

Are you having trouble keeping track of your staff’s comings and goings, where installing and maintaining a traditional Time & Attendance system would be too costly? Are you looking for a simple-to-use and low-cost solution, while still benefitting from the features of a premium product? That’s where TimeBureau comes in – and you can choose whether your staff should use their finger or a proximity card/fob to record when they start and finish work.

 How does it work?

For a one-off setup fee of £260 per reader and from as little as £22 per person per year, we will provide you with a configured and supported TimeBureau Time & Attendance Software-as-a-Service solution! Staff clock in using their finger (or a card if you prefer) – it only takes about a second. Face recognition readers are also available

Our clients typically save £400+ per employee each and ever year, after allowing for the subscription.

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The TimeBureau service is a Time & Attendance solution that has no capital costs and minimal administration. It provides automatic reporting as standard, delivering reports to your inbox with the information you want, when you need it.

 What do you get as Standard?

  • Use of a TimeBureau Time & Attendance SaaS solution configured to your requirements
  • Configured for your employee work patterns
  • Real-time notification of no-shows, overtime and other exceptions by email
  • Calculation of payroll input and preparation of a file ready for passing to payroll
  • Historical reporting and analysis of absence, punctuality and overtime
  • Technical support 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays
  • Emergency presence listing.
  • Pro-active fault monitoring
  • Dual technology reader – both proximity card and biometric (Fingerprint as standard, face recognition at small extra cost)

  14 Day FREE Trial!

What don’t you get?

With TimeBureau, there are:

  • No hassles
  • No capital expenditure costs
  • No annual maintenance costs
  • No long contract terms or complicated tie-ins
  • No in-house IT costs
  • No need for expensive hardware
  • No annual licensing costs

Optional Extras available:

  • Face recognition instead of fingerprint readers
  • Interface with Invoicing/Costing/ERP systems
  • Flexitime Management System
  • Interface with Personnel/HR Systems


What do you need to do?

  • Pay first month’s service charge & setup fee up-front
  • Attach the reader to the wall
  • That’s it – we will do the rest!
  • Full absence management including monitor holidays versus entitlement and optionally to allow staff to book holidays and for managers to approve/deny the request



  • Connect the reader to your network (wired or wireless), with access to the Internet
  • Complete a Direct Debit form

 14 Day FREE Trial!

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