TimeBureau Flexitime Management and Flexible Working

Versatile flexitime systems that save you money

Improve morale and attract the best employees by choosing a reliable, measurable flexitime management system from TimeBureau.

Employers that offer flexible working report improvements in productivity and job satisfaction and a reduction in absenteeism, stress and staff retention. Implementing a pro-active solution like TimeBureau allows your company to introduce and take advantage of the full benefits of flexible working.

The TimeBureau solution provides you with more than a flexitime solution. It offers a range of facilities including:

  • No complicated software to install – all hosted in our data centre
  • Access from any Internet-connected computer
  • Low monthly subscription from a few pence per employee
  • No long term contracts – just a simple one month rolling contract that you can cancel at any time
  • Reporting by Exception – you only need to know when somethings is not as it should be
  • Hours Worked and Overtime Reporting
  • Absence Reporting and Management
  • Absence Duration and Frequency reports, including Bradford Factor
  • Holiday and Absence Entitlement Management
  • Holiday Planning Reports
  • Working Time Directive reports

A Complete Solution

Using robust and reliable badge readers, the TimeBureau Flexitime Management System eliminates the need for manual records and calculations. Keeping complete control of hours worked across the whole of your business, the system provides comprehensive management reports whenever you need them and allows data to be automatically transferred to your personnel and payroll systems, giving you a seamless and hassle-free service, including:

  • Rotating Shifts
  • Continental Shifts
  • Fixed Shifts
  • Variable Shifts
  • Flexible Shifts
  • Alternative Shifts
  • Shift swapping
  • Part-time working
  • Job Sharing
  • Annualised Hours Management

Your System, Your Rules

The TimeBureau automated flexitime system makes the best possible use of your time. By reporting only the exceptions to your rules, rather than every individual clocking process, you can immediately see the most important information: who is not working according to the rules that apply to them. Reporting is set up to match your own systems – so managers can receive a daily, weekly or monthly email.

The system records employees’ clocking details using rules specified by your company. For example, you decide the core hours and the standard hours for each group of employees, allowing the system to reflect your business requirements. The system checks that the employee is present during the core hours, and records the amount of time worked relative to the standard hours so you, and the employee, can see the amount of flexitime that has built up or has been used. Current balances can be displayed for the employee at the clocking point, at a kiosk or on their own computer.

Built-in Flexibility

Adjustments can be made to the TimeBureau Flexitime Management System both manually and automatically, allowing you to adjust the system for illness, holiday or business trips, for example. Maximum and minimum flexitime balances and many other types of rule can be specified. Separate sets of rules can be applied for specific circumstances – daily, weekly or monthly rules, for example, or for particular groups of employees. This gives you complete control over a variety of flexible working time management issues.

Adaptable for all Workforce Management

The TimeBureau flexitime software can handle a mix of hourly-paid and flexitime staff, and can automatically process hourly-paid employees who build up banked time and take time-in-lieu instead of being paid overtime. Subject to limits that you set, you can allow employees to swap between overtime and flexitime, even after the event.

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