Our clients typically save £400+ per worker each and ever year!

TimeBureau® Time & Attendance:
> Telephone Clocking (using FREEphone number) for staff with access to a phone
> Finger or Face Recognition (or card) Clocking for sites where you provide several people
> Clocking on/off using a PC if preferred

Are you having trouble keeping track of your staff spread across multiple client sites, where installing & maintaining a traditional Time & Attendance system would be too costly? Are you looking for a simple-to-use and low-cost solution while still having the features of a premium product? You want your people to register their times, your client to approve their hours, and to have your payroll and invoicing systems updated automatically? That’s where TimeBureau comes in. We have multiple solutions available, depending on your requirements.

The TimeBureau service is a Time & Attendance solution that has no capital costs and minimal administration. It provides automatic reporting as standard, delivering reports to your inbox with the information you want, when you need it – and the option of emailing your client automatically as well.

The TimeBureau service brings together innovative telecommunications systems and world-class time and attendance to offer our clients a fast, reliable and easy-to-use system. We have multiple levels of resilience built across multiple data centres to ensure that you and your staff can access the system exactly when you need to and access up-to-the-minute real-time data.

We have put a substantial investment into our solution so that you don’t have to. We worry about the hardware, software, telephone lines, backups, internet connectivity, reader maintenance, etc. Our IVR telephone system is located in a tier-1 data centre with direct access to a BT interconnect.

While many other providers offer local rate numbers, 0870 numbers or geographical numbers, we at TimeBureau do not believe that your customers should pay for the calls made so we just have one service we offer and that’s a Freephone number and for less than our competitors do for chargeable numbers. How can we do this? Because of the volume of calls we handle on a daily basis, we are able to secure substantial wholesale discounts which we in turn are able to pass onto our customers. We issue each client with their own dedicated Freephone number that they can give to their staff.

Our clients typically save £400+ per employee each and ever year!

What do you get as Standard?

  • Use of a TimeBureau Time & Attendance Software-as-a-Service solution
  • Use of a dedicated Freephone Telephone Number for Telephone clocking by temporary staff
  • Finger or Face Recognition (or card) Readers for Agency workers
  • Option of clocking using a PC if preferred
  • Configured for your people’s work patterns
  • Real-time notification of no-shows, overtime and other exceptions by email
  • Calculation of payroll input and preparation of a file ready for passing to payroll
  • Calculation of hours for billing and preparation of a file ready for passing to your accounting system
  • Historical reporting and analysis of absence, punctuality and overtime
  • Technical support 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays
  • Proactive fault monitoring
  • Integration with full TimeBureau Time & Attendance and Flexitime Management System for your office-based staff

14 Day FREE Trial!

What don’t you get?

With TimeBureau, there are:

  • No hassles
  • No capital expenditure costs
  • No annual maintenance costs
  • No long contract terms or complicated tie-ins
  • No in-house IT costs
  • No need for expensive hardware
  • No expensive telephone lines
  • No annual licensing costs

How does it work for sites with only a few staff?

Well let’s say you have a contract to provide one person for the ABC Company Monday-Friday 09:00–17:00 and Jane Smith is your assigned person for this site. Jane will arrive at the client’s site, pick up a telephone and dial the Freephone number assigned to your company. She will be prompted to enter her staff ID number, which is then verified instantly against your database to ensure it’s a valid staff ID number. Once a correct staff ID number is entered, she will then be prompted to enter the site reference number you have provided her for that site. That’s it! It takes just a few seconds once Jane has got the routine. On leaving, she simply does the same to clock out. The TimeBureau system automatically stores a date/time stamp and the phone number called from, along with the code numbers keyed in.

When a new site is set up, you can enter the phone number of the site that you are expecting the calls to be made from. If this is done, then this stored phone number can be compared with the phone number called from, so that calls from another number can be ignored (thus preventing clocking from another location), though the call is still logged for audit purposes. By default, mobile numbers are not permitted to be used for clocking, but if you have a reason that you need this to be allowed, then this option can be turned on.

How does it work for sites with many workers?

For a low cost that includes configuration, we can provide one or more Finger/Face/Card readers for each of your client sites, plus optionally one for each of your offices. The readers can be configured to read either fingers and/or faces and/or cards, but we recommend using the finger or face recognition option if you want to be 100% sure that the right person is doing the job (and not some friend or relation filling in for them, someone who hasn’t received the company’s induction and training on using their equipment, which is quite possibly a major health and safety risk, for which your company may be ultimately responsible). Note that if any of your personnel are concerned about their fingers or faces being recorded, in fact the finger or face itself is not recorded, all that is kept is a number that represents some key aspects of the finger or face – while this number is used to recognise the finger or face, it could never be used to reproduce an image of the finger or face itself.

You can add a new starters and register their finger or face (or card) at your office and the details will be passed to the readers at your client sites. Alternatively, a senior person at each site can register the fingers or faces of new starters. After that, on arrival at and departure from the client site, the person records a clocking just by pressing their finger on the platen of the reader, or by standing briefly in front of the reader while looking at it. Their Staff ID and the date/time/site are automatically recorded and passed directly to the TimeBureau central system.

Are there alternative ways for them to clock?

Of course! For example, they could clock on and off via a PC – e.g. the one they are using for their work or a shared one used as a kiosk, or else their manager or a receptionist (for example) could clock them on and off via a shortcut on their desktop. If use a PC for their work, the clocking on and off can be done automatically, e.g. when they log on and off their PC.

Clocking on and off using their own mobile is also possible of course, though you are in this case relying on the person actually being at their work-place when they clock, rather than just arriving at the company gates, or even somewhere else “nearby”.

If none of the above suit you, just call to tell us your precise requirements. We are software developers and we can provide customised solutions very cost-effectively.

What happens if any of my personnel don’t arrive when they should?

Well, firstly you can set a grace period for each site, so that if Jane does not arrive by (say) 09:05, you will receive an alert straight to your inbox – you could be in your office or sitting in your car or even at the park, but you will know before your client does and then have the opportunity to either call Jane (if you have recorded her mobile number, it will be included in the alert email) or to arrange cover. Also if we have alerted you of a “no-show” and then Jane arrives, we will instantly alert you that she has now arrived.

How does it get set up?

We set up your system for you! Yes, that’s right, we are not just going to sell you a system and let you struggle to get it going. Your system will be set up with all your staff and sites when we hand it over to you. We will assign you an account manager who will guide you through the system and show you how it all works. You can contact your account manager anytime you need to with your queries, big or small. We believe in building up a personal relationship with you.

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Remove the mountains of reports

We believe in reporting by exception, so rather than you wading through stacks of reports and emails, we only tell you what you need to know, giving you the chance to work where you need to.

From Clocking to Payroll

So now you have all your clocking data in the system, what can you do with it..? Well come payroll time, it’s just a click of a couple of buttons and out pops your hours for each employee, with optional maximum hours per day, which can be set separately for each site. What about client billing … do you bill by actual time spent on site, perhaps with a minimum or maximum number of hours each day? Again, just a few clicks and out pops the info you need.

You can also receive a file showing how many hows have been worked at each site for billing purposes.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders

We do the work for you with intelligent state of the art technology allowing you to get on with what’s important, that maybe increasing your customer base or spending more time with your family. So act now and start saving time and money every day with a TimeBureau Time & Attendance system.

What’s the catch?

No catch, just a small fee from as little as 5p per clocking depending on quantity (and in some cases less). For that, we will provide you with a configured and supported TimeBureau Telephone Time & Attendance Software-as-a-Service solution! Once our customers have taken on our solutions they have never looked back and have saved money and time.

14 Day FREE Trial!

To start saving money now, sign up by clicking the button above or call us free on 0808 136 8463, or from a mobile call 0333 301 8463 or email us at info@time-bureau.com.

What do you have to lose? … there’s no minimum contract and for telephone clocking, there is no equipment cost!

Optional extras available:

  • Messages by SMS or voice message for key sites (default is by email)
  • Interface with your Invoicing system
  • Interface with your Personnel/HR System
  • Absence management including monitoring holidays versus entitlement and optionally to allow staff to book holidays and for managers to approve/deny the request
  • Integrated Flexitime Management System for your office staff

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