How does telephone clocking work? In summary:

  • You tell us the names of up to 10 people who will use the system during the trial, together with the locations that each person will be working at and their latest expected start/finish times.
  • Each person and each location will be assigned a short numeric code to use during the trial.
  • To record when they arrive at and leave each location, your staff will call the FREEPHONE number provided, and in response to the voice prompt, they just type in their personal code number, followed by the location code number.
  • The date, time and phone number called from will be recorded automatically.
  • For each designated start time, you will automatically receive an email if (and only if) one or more people don’t arrive on time (or within a designated grace period). You will also get an email if they turn up subsequently.
  • Optionally, you can be sent an email if the person then fails to record their leaving site on time (or within a designated grace period afterwards) – this is so you can ensure they are safe and haven’t been hurt while on site.
  • You can at any time view all the data recorded on the system.
  • At the end of each week, you will be sent details of their hours worked, ready to be passed to payroll.


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