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Time & Attendance (T&A) Management, Absence Management and Work Force Management Systems can save your business significant amounts of money. More than that, they can help make your employees happier and more productive.

You might wonder why every single business isn’t using a T&A Management System if they are so effective. In truth, FTSE 100 companies have benefited from them for years, but it’s only recently that technological advancements have opened up the market for SMEs to access the same benefits and savings at prices affordable for every business.

So now you are able to capitalise on the advantages offered by a good T&A Management Systems, such as:

  • Increased attendance levels
  • No risk of human error or costly payroll mistakes
  • Employee presence information for fire safety
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Happier employees
  • Better awareness and control of your business

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  The Cost of Absence

Whilst the cost of employee absence varies considerably between different organisations, the annual median cost of absence per employee is considerable. One CIPD study calculated it as £595 per year, whilst another study by the CBI put the figure as £760. Either way, the savings to be had from any reduction in absence are substantial.

Moreover, the CBI estimates that 15% of all absences are not genuine, costing businesses in the UK £2.7 billion a year. It is possible to reduce such absences in your company through implementing a good T&A System – several factors help achieve this, including increased employee accountability.

If you are going to invest the time and money to purchase, implement and run a T&A System, you want one which both maximises the savings and benefits you can achieve, and is going to last you a good many years.

If you need to change because you have outgrown a system, then you need to consider not just the cost of the new system itself but also the costs of learning to use it. Additionally, potential loss of data should be taken into account – if you cannot both export the data from your current system and import it into your new one, you must either waste valuable time doing this manually (at which point some errors will almost certainly creep in), or abandon that important source of useful data. Bear in mind also that there are legal obligations to keep clocking data for two years.

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The top five ways Time & Attendance Systems help reduce costs

1.      Reduce administration time and errors: automation eliminates manual work, human errors and duplication of effort, and this both reduces costs and frees managers and employees to perform more useful activities.

2.      Eliminate expensive mistakes: overpayment is the most common human error an organisation makes, but correcting underpayments is also expensive. With a computer-based T&A System, the data is picked up directly from the readers, processed according to the rules of the company (and subject to appropriate authorisation where required), then passed directly to the payroll system. The data is therefore always accurate and expensive mistakes are eliminated.

3.      Increase employee productivity: a kiosk system allows employees to view their own data, and in some cases request holidays or to specify whether extra time worked should be paid as overtime or treated as flexitime earned. The improved and automated communication helps improve attendance and time-management, and also reduces absenteeism.

4.      Real-time information: with the latest information always available at your fingertips, you can better monitor staff, manage labour costs and reduce absenteeism and overtime.

5.      Improve morale, reduce staff turnover and raise productivity: by identifying and rewarding your most productive employees and weeding out the weakest ones, you achieve a happier, more productive and more stable team that results in happier customers, more profits and less hassle for you.

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TimeBureau®Time & Attendance Telephone Clocking For Cleaners.

Are you having trouble keeping track of your staff spread across multiple geographical locations? Perhaps working on many different client sites, where installing & maintaining a traditional Time & Attendance systems would be too costly? Are you looking for a simple-to-use and low-cost solution while still having the features of a premium product? That’s where TimeBureau comes in – just issue all your employees with a single Freephone number and ask them to call it when they start work and finish work.

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TimeBureau®Time & Attendance for Offices

Are you having trouble keeping track of your staff’s comings and goings, where installing and maintaining a traditional Time & Attendance system would be too costly? Are you looking for a simple-to-use and low-cost solution, while still benefiting from the features of a premium product? That’s where TimeBureau comes in – and you can choose whether your staff should use their finger or a proximity card/fob to record when they start and finish work.

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